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Tutorial Day Data-Mining

The increasing use of computer technology in many areas of economic, scientific and social life is resulting in collections of digital data. These data pools could be used to obtain a higher quality of information than that obtained from simple database inquiries. This is where Data Mining comes in.

With Data Mining techniques, it is possible to "mine" data pools for "hidden" knowledge. Data mining gives you a major competitive advantage in view of the key role played by knowledge and knowledge management in the development of future markets. So why not join us on the route from simple data archiving to automatic knowledge extraction!

Participants about the tutorial days ...

Report Data Mining Tutorial 2013 in New York

The tutorial is advised to young researchers but also to active and experienced researchers.

The tutorial cover the state-of-the-art research and some specific data mining applications. It can be very useful to stimulate and facilitate future work. It provides the exchange and dissemination of innovative, practical development experiences by promoting novel, high quality research findings, and innovative solutions to challenging data mining problems.

Participation to Data Mining Tutorial day it is very useful!

Sabina Tangaro,
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Bari, Italy

"...In an extremely pleasant atmospere and within a manageable group we get an insight in the possibilities of modern data handling by using data mining. Thereby, the speaker Prof. Petra Perner has been successful in explaining and illustrating the basics understandably with well-chosen examples. Furthermore she could interpose the underlying mathematics. ..."
Thomas Spittler,
Technical University of Munich, Germany

"...I liked the Tutorial days, as well concerning their content as the form of preparation and the pleasant atmosphere. ..."
Matthias Koeppen,
PSI AG, Berlin/Germany

"...given by leading experts and discussion of case studies presented by qualified European Companies and Insitutions. I think that this combination has been very profitable for all the attendees. ..."
Carla Brambilla,
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatic Technologies of the Italien National Research Council, Milan/Italy

"... I left the conference with a lot of more valuable knowledge, ideas, and contacts. I am looking forward to the conference next year. ..."
Jan Gudehus,
Dynamic CRM GmbH, Hamburg

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