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Tutorial Day Program

8.30 am Part I Introduction
  1. The Data Mining Process
  2. Overview about the Methods
  3. Data Preparation
10.30 am Coffee Break
11.00 am Part II Concepts for Data Mining
  1. Decision Trees
  2. Rule Induction
  3. Case-Based Reasoning
  4. Clustering
  5. Incremental Concept Learning
  6. Association Rules
  7. Visualization
01.00 pm Lunch Break
02.00 pm Part III Evaluation of the Model
  Part IV Data Mining with Applications in Marketing
  Data Preparation
  1. Available Data (Internal and External Data Sources)
  2. Data Preparation
  3. Typical Data Mining Methods to solve the following business problems:
  * Respone and Purchase Estimation
  * Cross Selling
  * Chrun Management
  * Target Group Definition
  * Customer Segmentation
  4. How to use Data Mining Results in Marketing and CRM
04.00 pm Coffee Break
04.30 pm Part V Aspects of Data Mining
  1. Image Mining
  2. Application IVF (In-Vitro-Vertilisations) Therapy
  3. Web Mining
06.30 pm End of Tutorial Day

Participants will be provided with a certificate for data mining stamped and signed by Prof. Dr. Petra Perner one of the leading experts in data mining.